Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013/2/26 Class

Hannah (5) and I got there just a little bit early.  We just ran around the room getting warmed up.  It’s all fun and games for Hannah.

Kihon 基本

  1. 自然立ち 打ち込み?For a total of about 100 punches
  2. 騎馬立ち 打ち込み?For a total of about 100 punches.
  3. swing your arms in a circle backwards and forwards to loosen up the shoulders
  4. Rotate your knees and snap them back a few times 「ぴんとはって」
  5. 下段払い構えて、追いつき5本、廻って、追いつき5本
  6. 回って、あげ受け5本x2
  7. 回って外受け5本x2
  8. 手刀受け3本?x2
  9. 横に手刀受けto the left side then at 45 degrees, then to the right and at 45 degrees for a total of 4
  10. 前蹴り
  11. 上段前蹴り
  12. 前蹴り蹴離し
  13. 上段前蹴り けばなし
  14. 回し蹴り
  15. 騎馬立ち 蹴上げ

組手 Kumite

  1. 三本組手 
  2. 一本組手 
  3. 自由組手

*Hannah did all the Kihon and went through kumite right up to a round of 自由組手. She was a real trooper. Then she needed to take a brake.  So we played a bit and watched a bit.  But she wants my attention so much that I can’t watch the other members do their kumite.  I am wishing I could participate too, but I have no gear and there is nobody my size. They are all little kids.  However, today, Miyu? Miyashita and Mizuki were both there, as well as Crau.  I could surely practice with them.  I just need to get some gloves.  Hannah and I did some drills disguised as play. I had her doing a crescent kick into her hand and did some jumping with a 180 turn.  

Kata 形

  1. Heian Shodan
  2. Heian Nidan
  3. Heian Sandan
  4. Heian Yondan
  5. Heian Godan
  6. Wankan
  7. Jitte
  8. Chinte

武藤先生。Sensei said that Chinte was originally a woman's only Kata.  It uses a two finger strike to the eyes and a double punch to the back and solar plexus at the same time.  Sensei said we should never actually use this as it is too dangerous, but it is a good kata to do for Kata competitions. 

He encouraged us to do the motions of our kata and kihon drills with power during practice as we were not doing a dance.  We are practicing for a fight. So we should do the moves with force.  

I did 30 minutes of practice on Monday at home.  Doing mostly gedanbarai, shutouke, sotouke and uchi uke and had sore triceps the next day.