Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014/02/12 Class

2014/02/12 Karate


  1. oituski
  2. ageuke 
  3. receeding age uke to reverse punch
  4. uchi uke
  5. receeding uchi uke
  6. maegeri chudan / jodan
    *keep back foot flat on floor
    *strike with ball of feet. Keep toes up.
  7. yoko geri chudan / jodan
    *bring knee up to angle with foot behind support leg knee, or on it.
    *strike with heel, or outer edge of foot. rotate hips when kicking (making glutes face your opponent)


Hannah did not do Kihon. She did, however, run over and get dressed in her bogu for Kumite. However, when kumite started she didn't want to do anything. Very strange. The last time before this, she just spoke like a duck the entire time, but did the work. She said she was thirsty, and tired and didn't want to give the other members her cold.

Aspen is doing kumite better and better each time. He is starting to look like he knows what he is doing. Still, most of the time he doesn't kamae. He wont put his fists up for some reason. I think, however, that he will start soon.


  1. Heian sho dan
  2. heian ni dan -at the end, after gedan barai, do ageuke immediately after, with no pause.
  3. heian san dan
  4. heian yon dan
  5. Wankan