Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014/03/08 Class - Jitte, Wankan

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

Kata - Heian Sho thru Godan, Jitte, Wankan.

Hmm, nothing too special to report this day.  Muto-sensei advised Aspen on his maegeri.  Hannah did some of the kumite but then quit and I jumped in in her place.  I have no gear but a chest protector.  Kon-sensei gave me one of his daughter's training gloves.  Next time I will ask Kikuchi-san to order me a pair of gloves I can use at tournaments.  Also, the club brought a face protector(?), called メンホー in Japanese, that is large enough for me to use.  So I will use that.  Aspen and Hannah still complain that their menho are too hot.  I told him that the other boys used the same one until they were in 4th grade.  He just likes to complain.  He is still young.  I have to keep reminding myself that.

I did not kiai very much.  I need to make sure I kiai when I am supposed to, and I need to do it well.  Sensei grades you not only on your performance at the test, but also on your performances at each practice.  I need to impress this on Aspen as well.

We didn't have a car and were waiting for Ryo to come pick us up.  She forgot us!  I texted her.  While I was waiting for her to reply I took Hannah upstairs to see the weight room.  She had wanted to see it earlier.  No-one was there.  I did three sets of thrusters with the 25kg bar bell at 15 reps and one set of pull ups and two sets of chins.  Hannah also wanted me to do this and that on various machines.  So I did a set of military press and a set of single leg leg press and a set of triceps extensions.  Then we went downstairs and I called Ryo to come pick us up.  I might do this from now on on Saturdays.  Go upstairs and do some lifting before going home.

On Sunday, Ryo went to the library and Aspen and Noelle went to an event for elementary school kids.  I put on the Fitnessblender 45 minute HIIT and total body tabata workout and did that in the living room with the windows open.  Nicola wanted me to hold her while I was trying to work out.  While this works for some of the exercises, it doesn't work for all of them and she did a lot of crying while I made her wait. But thanks to Nicola and Hannah I was able to add weight for lunges, squats, kettle ball (kids sat on a towel) swings and pushups.