Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014/03/12 Class

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


I spent almost the entire class doing other stuff.  I signed Aspen and I up for our test at the end of the month and ordered the minimum stuff the two of us need to compete in a tournament if we do.

So I missed Kihon practice completely.  But I got to watch Aspen and Hannah and decided to spend most of my time then watching Aspen.

He does most of the moves in a mirrored state.  He doesn't realize that if he is facing someone, that he is doing it with the wrong foot.  The teacher never said anything. So perhaps it is OK if he does the moves starting out on the wrong foot.  He is still getting the practice of doing the motions.

Kata - However, he needs to do the Kata correctly or he will fail his test.  Maybe.  I have an idea to bring some tape or stickers and put one on his left foot and one on the left foot of one or two other members.  This way he can check and see if he has the correct foot forward.  I have some small colored stickers that might work for this.

Kumite - I helped Hannah go through  kumite.  She did much better than the last time.  She went through san-bon kumite and ippon kumite and ....?  One more set of kumite before she petered out and quit.

For one of the drills he had them doing five movements.

  1. jyoudan chokutuki, 上段直突き
  2. chudan chokutsuki (junzuki), 中段直突き
  3. maegeri, 前蹴り
  4. mawashi geri, 回し蹴り
  5. sokuto.足刀
Kata - I got to jump in towards the end for kata practice.
Heian Godan, Jitte, Chinte, Wankan

After class I grabbed a black belt member and asked her some questions and had he help me with a few things.  One was Yoko keage.  I feel I'm doing yoko keage much better now.  She said to practice your yoko keage up against a wall.