Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014/03/15 Class

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


  • sonoba chokuzuki (straight punch in place)
  • kibadachi sonoba chokuzuki (straight punch in place, in horse stance)
  • gedan barai 
  • ido shuto uke (knife hand block, moving)
  • yoko shuto uke, 4 times (knife hand block, the left, 2.45 degrees, 3. to the right, 4. 45 degrees )
  • maegeri, middle, upper, kekomi, kebanashi
  • yokogeri, middle, upper, kekomi, kebanashi
  • Nidan keri?? - right foot forward, kick with left foot then without bringing left foot down jump up and kick with right foot)
  • jump and spin


  1. yakusoku sanbon kumite (upper straight punch, middle straight punch, front kick) Uke (age uke, soto uke, gedan barai with gyakuzuki)
  2. ippon kumite - yakusoku (same moves as in sanbon but only one punch.)
    Remember to kiai on the punch and bring your punching hand back quickly.
  3. jiyu ippon kumite (I think with this, you can do any punch you like to give the other person practice blocking)
  4. Kashi waza (Do at least three quick successive punches or kicks to give the other person practice closer to that of a real match)
  5. Jiyu kumite (practice sparring. But while still pulling your punches.  I think.)

Kumite Progression

With the Kumite practice, the moves start out with the yakusoku or promised kumite, where both partners know how many times and to where you are going to attack for the purpose of blocking practice.  And gradually progresses to practice that gets closer and closer to real sparring.  Kaeshiwaza is maybe the last practice before free sparring.  


  1. Heian Shodan
  2. Heian Nidan
  3. Heian Sandan
  4. Heian Yondan
  5. Heian Godan
  6. Jitte
  7. Chinte
  8. Wankan


  • Make sure to pull your punch back quickly after the strike.  Make sure to Kiai!  
  • When doing yakusoku kumite maegeri, land with your hands down and out to your sides so the other person can punch.


I brought bandaids and put one on my left foot, Aspen's left foot, Hannah's left foot and one other member's left foot to help Aspen keep track of his left from his right.  He is always facing the other members instead of looking at their backs because he always has the wrong foot forward.

Good class! I was able to go through the entire class without having to miss parts to take care of Aspen or Hannah. Hannah decided she was too tired to do Kumite today. Since I usually have to help her go through Kumite, this gave me the chance to do it myself. Aspen and I had just gotten some new gear ($$) and so for the first time I had gloves for Kumite. Plus, it was the longest Kumite we have ever done. It was a good workout and it would have been interesting to see what kind of numbers my Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitor (iPhone 3Gs) would have given me.

I bought myself some shin guards, instep guards, and two sets of gloves (red and blue) so that I could compete in a tournament.  However, I decided not to go to the tournament because, Aspen is not ready and because a certain someone in my family needs me to help them so they can have time to study.

I also bought Aspen some shin and instep guards.  As for the other equipment, we are borrowing helmets and chest? guards from the club.  Aspen and I also need to get athletic cups before we go to a tournament.

I am also thinking of getting some sort of hand held punching bag for use with Aspen and Hannah and anyone else who wants to hit it.   I figure I can spend my money on my computer and other gadgets for myself, or I can spend it on Karate goods.