Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014/03/19 Class - protect your solar plexus




For kihon (drills) we did the basics.  I felt it was a bit shorter than the last time.
I still don't feel comfortable doing kicks, especially mawashi geri.  I am feeling more comfortable with it but still not very.  My legs, indeed my whole body is just too inflexible.


Hannah went through most of the kumite all by herself, without me or Muto-sensei going around with her.  Aspen did really well, and even did a nidan geri during jiyu kumite, for which the sensei praised him repeatedly.  Aspen asked me if I had tried a nidan geri during kumite.  I am afraid to hit and especially afraid to kick the other members of our club.  The kids are much better than I am but I'm so much bigger than they.  If I accidentally connected with a poorly controlled hit or kick, I'm afraid they could get hurt.  One of the smaller kids, but a skilled and fast kid, hit me in the solar plexus, not as hard as he could, but I still felt it, even through the body protector I had on.

Before we got to jiyu kumite Hannah said she was tired and went to the side to take a break.  The next time I looked over, she was asleep!

During Kumite, I have no idea what I'm doing.  Especially during jiyu kumite.  I am getting good practice blocking anyway and I am starting to get used to it a little.  Some of the kids are really fast and I realize if they were adults that I would be dead or beat-up well anyway.  I am starting to be able to "see" better which is enabling me to block and counter better.  For the one member who is my height, I can see her kicks coming from a mile away.  But she is just a white belt like me.  For the better kids, I miss half of the punches and kicks they throw.

Tips: During kumite, keep your back hand where it can protect your chest (solar plexus?).


Heian Shodan thru Heian Godan

Sensei had all of us practice the Kata together and then we went through a practice Kata test.  I made a mistake on Heian shodan, doing shuto uke where I should have been doing gedan barai and oizuki.  Hopefully I won’t make any mistakes on the actual test coming up soon.

As for Chinte, I'm starting to remember the moves.  I was turning the wrong direction at the start but now I think I have that fixed. I also had a few mistakes in my text only description of Chinte. I used Shokotan Sensei's youtube video and a video of Hirokazu Kanazawa and a copy of a German? diagram of the kata that seems to be everywhere when I search for katas.

For the rest of the kata, I now need to practice doing them with the right speed, with kiai, and making sure I'm looking where I'm supposed to be looking (chakugan).