Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014/03/26 Class without energy

For some reason, no one had any energy today.  Sensei came in looking tired and his voice was without energy.  One of the members was still weak after having had the flu.  Another seemed tired and under stress and broke down towards the end during Kata practice.  Aspen made Hannah cry twice during practice and once on the way home in the car.  As for me?  I was very physically tired from my workout during lunch, but otherwise in good spirits.  This made me think of how important it is for me, as well as the others, to practice with as much positive energy as possible.  Our energy will effect the other members, for good or bad.

Kihon - kihon was short. Basic blocks and kicks.

Sensei had us white belts work on Heian Shodan through Heian Sandan.  Aspen seems not to remember any of the advice he is given.  His movements continue to be small.  This day he was standing at the yoi kamae (?) with his elbows pulled back and his palms/knuckles turned up.  I showed him how to stand properly but he wouldn't believe me and I had to go ask a black belt to show us the proper way so he would listen.  He seems to develop his own moves doing them the way HE thinks is best or cool.  He actually seemed to be doing poorer with Heian Shodan as time goes by.  I don't know if he'll be able to get it figured out by Sunday as I can't get him to practice at home and he won't listen and doesn't believe me when I show him the correct way to do the moves.

For this practice I tried to focus on taking larger and deeper steps and doing the movements with speed and power.  I don't feel like I am doing kokutsudachi well. I am hoping I will improve as my leg strength and flexibility improve.

My one fear going into our belt test on Sunday is that I will pass and Aspen will fail and that his failure will make him loose motivation and wish to quit.  My hope is that if he fails and I pass, that my success will help to motivate him. That is what some of the other adults have suggested will happen.  They suggested that I not push him and that I just continue to work hard and be a good example in the way I go about my karate training.

I think that he is just not ready for competition.  He is fiercely competitive at home, but has not bite when he is doing sports with others.  I am guessing that this is just the stage of development where he is at now.  I hope that he will find motivation to improve as he matures.

Yesterday I was reading a book about teaching English to children and the author introduces the "Questioning Cycle" where children Notice something and decide they Want it and then find it Challenging but doable and through Play (doing/enjoyment?) of the activity (language learning/game/sports) Succeed.  They have successes doing a challenging but not too challenging activity and through this are motivated to try more challenging levels.

I wouldn't be surprised if Aspen was given his yellow belt anyway just as  a form of motivation (success leads to more motivation).   We shall see.  Good luck Aspen! Let's get that kata figured out!