Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014/3/5 Class - Jitte chinte

6:30 to 8:00pm

We got there a little early.  Ran around and played with Hannah to warm-up.  Aspen played with the other kids.  The black belts were doing a bit of physical training.  Sit ups and push-ups.  I did some push-ups with Hannah on my back.  Hannah did 10 push-ups herself, too.  I've learned that, apparently, with Kyokushin karate, and Gojyu Karate, they place a lot of importance on physical strength and so in those styles, one important part of the training sessions includes strength and agility training in the form of push-ups, situps, walking on hands etc.   Perhaps I should walk on my hands more before /after practice.  I often do jumps across the gym with Hannah  on my back.  That makes my legs fairly fatigued for a bit.

Basic punches in place (sonoba)
自然立ち Shizen dachi punching.  10 punches / 10 people = 100 punches
騎馬立ち Kibadachi punching, 10 x 10 = 100 ,
*Muto-sensei told me and the others to make sure our mid-level punches where not straight out in line with the shoulder, but slightly angled down.  I'm guessing, so that you hit towards the middle of the chest.
Shuto Uke knife hand blocks.
 *make sure to bring your hand all the way from you ear out.  Your drawing hand (hikite) should come to just below your heart in front of your chest.

Ido Kihon 移動基本
Gedan barai 5 x 5
Age uke
Soto uke  *make sure fist comes from behind ear, and elbow is up high
Sotouke + Gyakuzuki
Shuto Uke
Shutouke + Nukite
*Nukite - finger are not hitting straight on, but fingers are slightly curved in and the hit is somewhat like a "slap" rather than a jab.

maegeri - chudan / jodan / kekomi / kebanashi
Yokogeri - chudan / jodan / kekomi / kebanashi
mawashi geri
*keep your pivot/anchor foot flat on the ground, don't come up on your toes

Muto-sensei took Hannah through Kumite for me and Y.N. invited me in to practice yakusoku sanbon kumite and yakusoku ippon kumite.  I got to stand on the end and the other members rotated around me.  I was very happy to get a chance to practice this.  I need to get some gloves.  Kikuchi-san said I could borrow a menho (face protector?) for tournaments if I join in one.

Hannah got tired (and so was sensei) after going through all the yakusoku kumite and she dropped out and so I had to drop out to take care of her while the other members practiced jiyu kumite (free kumite / sparring?)

They did
jodan / chudan / maegeri
jiyu ippon kumite
kaeshi waza (three rapid punches or kicks meant to make an opponent go back)

Aspen went through all the kumite.  He is doing better and better.  However, he still doesn't get his guard up much, if at all.  He goofs around a lot.  The teacher, for the most part, doesn't scold him or Hannah for goofing off.  Aspen however, still doesn't do the kihon very well and I wasn't able to watch him do Kata because for some reason, he stood far behind me and the others on the judo mats.    Hannah was floating around like a soap bubble without a goal.  Spacing out?  She didn't practice anything  very well and if it wasn't for the sensei forcefully taking her hands and running her through the motions, she wouldn't have done the kumite.  The last time she did really well.  She has a hard time with this sort of thing now that I think about it.  She does not do very well with song and dance for the Kindergarten plays either.

Kiai.  I need to kiai.  I always forget or just don't feel confident enough to do it.


  1. Heian shodan
  2. Heian nidan
  3. Heian sandan
  4. Heian yondan
  5. Heian godan
  6. Wankan
  7. Jitte
  8. Chinte

7 Days until 昇給審査, Aspen and my first belt test.

To  tell you the truth, I think it is too early for Aspen.  He might not even pass his test.  I might not even pass, but I think I will.  I have a hard time with Yokokeage, and Sotouke.  I'm not coordinated enough for sotouke, and my legs are too inflexible to do Yokokeage well.  That is not something that I'll be able to do in a month.

Stretching- I need to stretch! Everyday!

High Hamstring tendinopothy?
I need to do my glute bridges every night.  I will go to the doctor next month and get started trying to figure this injury out.