Monday, March 17, 2014

Aspenとの空手稽古ごっこ and Chinte


I don't really know how this happened but for some reason Aspen and I ended up playing "karate practice" last night at home.

He was telling me what to do and I was doing it. Then we switched and I told him what to do and he did it.  The greatest thing about this was that he actually let me correct his movements a bit without getting upset or leaving.  :-)

He was having me do the Kata, "mugorei", without counting.  Usually the sensei leads us through the kata moves one step at a time once and then once without him counting.   I got all the way up to Heian godan before I got stuck.  And then he started asking me to do Kanku-dai, Chinte, Jitte, Wankan etc.  None of which I have remembered yet.    This gave me some practice at home.  Of course it is hard to do any more in our small apartment.  If I take one step I'm across the room and can't move any further.

The other day I spent the better part of a day watching a video of the Chinte kata and trying to write down a description of the moves.  I have been unable to find any such descriptions on line although I can find videos of course.  I found one list of the all the steps and of each name of each movement but it doesn't have direction information like "turn to the right" or "step forward with the left foot" etc.

Here is a live copy of the document as I work on it. You will have to change the speed of the video to catch some of the foot movements.  You can see that video here:
The document with the written instructions for the kata is here: Chinte 珍手 instructions