Sunday, March 2, 2014

I bought a book!

高橋優子の[DVDで学ぶ空手道 めざせ黒帯! 昇級審査対策の完璧マニュアル (DVDブック)]です。写真がたっくさん載っていて、DVDもついています。そして、昇給審査と同じようなビデオが流れます。これは優しい。または本やDVDの説明がきめ細かく、助かります。

空手には子供たちはがかなか食いつきが甘いというか、家では練習したがらない。というか、家では練習してもらえません。まだ早いか?でも、Ryo doesn't want to pay for the lessons if the kids aren't going to work hard at it.  She threatens to make them quit if they don't at least practice hard at the lessons.  As for me, I don't want to force them to practice and I don't ever want to threaten to take Karate away from them.  I do a lot of tongue biting to keep myself from pushing them. The kids do listen to Ryo better than they do me.  And you know what?  A little threatening seemed to work the last time!  I haven't yet shown the DVD to the kids.  I tried showing the book to Aspen but he wasn't interested.  I know you are supposed to catch them when they are free and not engaged in something else, but there is never a time when my kids look free.  I must be creative!