Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rehab work for High Hamstring Tendinopathy

Introducing a set of stretches and two movements for me to do as prescribed by the doctor to treat my pain in the butt. He seems to have come to the same conclusion as I, that it is High Hamstring Tendinopathy. He sent me to the PT and asked that I go to PT once a week and then come back to him once a month. The PT showed me how to do the stretches and said I needed to do them EVERYDAY! 30 second static stretch for each stretch for each leg for 5 sets each. That's 5 minutes per stretch. It should take 25 ~ 30 minutes to do the entire routine.

I am using Redy Gym on Android because it syncs with Runkeeper and has a timer. Redy Gym is for strength training so it doesn't have a built in method for recording stretching.  I record each 30 second stretch on a leg as one repetition so I can use the 30 second rest timer to time the stretches. Since the PT guy said I don't have to do all 5 sets at once and that it is OK to, for example, do 3 sets in the morning and then do 2 sets in the evening, Redy Gym helps by keeping a record of how many sets I've done that day of each exercise.

 I had to look up all the names of these muscles so here they are so I don't forget.

大臀筋 だいでんきん Gluteus maximus stretch
中臀筋 ちゅうでんきん Gluteus minimus stretch
腸腰筋 ちょうようきん Iliopsoas (dorsal hip flexors?) stretch
ハムストリングス Hamstring stretch
ドローイン+マーチング Draw in with marching.
ヒップアブダクション Hip abduction exercise