Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014/04/19 Class - keep a level head, extra kumite, Jitte

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


Class time is from 5 pm to 6:30pm but we always try and get there at least 30 minutes early, if not earlier to warm up.  The kids just play tag and other games to warm up.  I practice my basic punches and kicks by kicking up to the wall to try and practice hitting the wall with the ball of the foot for mae-geri or with the side of the foot for yoko-geri or sokuto.  I'll also do ido kihon for gedan barai, oituski, shutouke, concentrating on my stance and rotation of my hips and body from a front on stance to a half-body "hanmi" stance.  I've ready many times here and there that rotation of the hips is vital in producing speed and power with your blocks and other movements.


As always these days, Kon-sensei worked with the upper belts and Muto-sensei worked with the rest of us.  Kihon was basic kicks and punches.  I still can't kick worth beans and I imagine that it will be years before I can, if I ever can, kick very high or very quickly. My body is just too stiff.   I was once again praised, this time by one of the other member's parents, on my straight punch.  This time for my straight punch in kibadachi stance.  That really makes me feel good and gives me confidence and encourages me to continue to work hard on improving it.  I haven't been practicing my straight punch at home lately.  Just getting our daily to-dos done each day takes up all of my free time, especially with my wife working hard at night studying.  She studies and I pick up the slack around the house.


  • Shutouke - keep your back hand over/protecting your solar plexus (Muto-sensei says "keep it over your heart".)
  • Shutouke - ido kihon - when stepping forward etc for ido kihon with shutouke (and with other moves as well), keep your head level at the same height throughout the movement.  Don't stand up and then get back down into Kokutsu dachi.  Keep your knees bent and try not to bob up and down through the movements. 


Kumite was extra long this time.  H just went through one round and then ducked out.  I would have liked her to do more but I was happy to jump in and take her place.  She did san-bon yakusoku kumite and she did it well.

Like I said, kumite was extra long with a concentration on free sparring. Both Muto-sensei and Kon-sensei are giving us extra advice to try and get every ready for the upcoming tournament next weekend.  A and I won't be joining in the tournament but I plan on taking A and H with me to watch and cheer on our club members.  I also wanted to practice taking video with the DSLR.

I have gotten in the habit of blocking low punches to the side and then punching to the rib area.  I'd like to vary that but couldn't break the muscle memory of doing so.  I see that since I am taller than most, that I can probably block their punches down and out either with gedan barai or something and then punchng to the head or solar plexus.


We practiced all the Heian katas and Jitte and Wankan.  Muto-sensei told A he needed to work hard at the Katas and to follow ~san, because he was good at them.

  1. Heian Shodan
  2. Heian Nidan
  3. Heian Sandan
  4. Heian Yondan
  5. Heian Godan
  6. Wankan
  7. Jitte

Jitte - Muto-sensei gave us extra instruction on Jitte.  He said that not a lot of people do Jitte as a Kata at tournaments.  He also said that it was a good kata for bigger people.  


Jitte - keep your elbows perpendicular to the floor, actually, try to keep them slightly higher than perpendicular, when doing the move around the 10 th move where you have both fists up in the air.  You should also try and keep your fists pointing/rotated in.