Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014/05/10 Class Work your Core



Warm-up - we play tag and goof around as a means to warm-up before practice starts.
Push-up tag - We played tag and if you got tagged you had to do 10 push-ups.
Ladder runs - They have a training ladder for footwork they lay out on the floor.  The highest ranking black belt would run from one end to the other doing various footwork exercises and then everyone would follow after.  I ran them with Flower.
Twisting sit-ups - just because I need to work on my core.


Since Muto-sensei was at the All Hokkaido Tournament, we had practice with Kon-sensei as the main instructor.  Before I get started on how this was different than usual, I want to take a moment to try and recall what and how the student speaker of the day speaks.

To start, the instructor calls us to line up.  We all line up according to our rank.  After everyone is ready, the speaker calls out:

Mokuto 黙とう!- I think this means to take a moment of silence and reflection. Usually only for about 5 seconds.
Shomen ni rei - 正面に礼bow to the front (assuming this is to pay respect to the flag)
Naotte - 治って (or sometimes やめて、or 治れ)
Sensei ni rei - 先生に礼 bow to the instructor
Naotte - 治って
Otagai ni rei - お互いに礼 bow to each other. (we just all bow once more to the front of the room)
Naotte - 治って

After all this is said and done we begin basic drills.

We didn't drill too hard today.  Kon-sensei spent a lot of time reviewing and instructing the two visitors on how and why to do each of the drills.  (straight punch from neutral and horse stance, straight lunch punches from downward block (gedan barai), rising block, rising block to reverse (counter) punch, outside

A new drill - Knee-ups

  • knee ups - alternating legs
  • knee ups to front kick
  • knee ups to roundhouse kick

A new drill we did was something we had done before but different. We did knee-ups like we do straight punches, with each person counting to ten and doing them one leg after the other.  Next we did knee-ups to front kick and then knee-ups to roundhouse kicks and finally a four-kick combination done without stopping which consisted of front kick, side kick, back kick, front kick.  Kon-sensei said that doing drills like this will help improve our kicks and will be difficult if we don't have a solid core.  I certainly could not do the combination kicks without loosing my balance.  He encouraged us to do knee-up drills on our own.  I actually had already started doing knee-ups on my own before this practice.  I know strengthening these muscles will help my kicks and it will help my running form when I get back into running.  Kon-sensei said that these types of drills are done in Kyokushin Karate but not often in Shotokan.  Here is a good article from 24FightingChickens about isolation exercise for the front kick: How to Front Kick.

I mentioned at the end of practice to one of the other parents that it would be nice to have one more day a week of practice.  She said that they had already been talking about possibly getting together on Mondays too without the Sensei.

My son was not into practice.  The instructors and the other members are all trying to get him to get in line and get serious about practice but this just turns him off.  We wants to practice when he wants to practice.  He doesn't want to get serious.  He just wants to have fun.   I don't want him to quit.  We need some fun injected somewhere in the middle of practice but they are so short.  We need to find a happy medium.