Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014/05/24 Class

Just A and Flower practiced while Nico and I "watched".

Both A and Flower did really  well this practice.  Flower did ALL of the sparring practice except for the final "free sparring" where they actually try and hit each other.  Aspen is doing very well with the free sparring.  He can see the punches and kicks coming and can block them better and he really tries to get his punches and kicks in whereas before, he was just kicking without connecting.

Actually, Nico cheered them on through most of the practice.   She wasn't as annoyingly loud this time as she was the last time, but after two practices of bringing the soon-to-be three-year-old, I think the other parents are probably hoping that I don't bring her anymore.  Because I had to watch her so closely I wasn't always able to watch Hannah and Aspen.  Some of the parents decided to intervene when they were acting their age too much.  Which, to tell you the truth, is a good thing for the kids.  They  don't listen to me well because they are tired of hearing me yell at them for this or that.  So it is good for them to get spoken to by another adult.  (Also, I need to be a better father who yells at them less and makes them laugh more.  Then they will start to listen to me more.)

I'm also  thinking that I need to concentrate more on helping A and Flower get more out of their practices.  Actually, A is doing really well without my interference. It is probably the same for Flower too.  When I go around with her she doesn't do as well.  I need to give her a bit of instruction to remind her how to do some of the Kumite practice and some of the Kihon.  This time I showed her how to do the side kick from horse stance.  A usually won't listen to me AT ALL.  I've been too negative in the past and he won't listen to me anymore.

The reason I have been watching for the last two practices (and we missed one because my wife decided the kids were too tired to go and needed to rest) is that I had a skin tumor?? taken off the bottom of my big toe and it is not yet healed well enough.  We shall see how it feels by the next practice.  If its not ready then it will surely be ready next week.

Final notes.
We have two new members.  Two brothers.  One is in the 5th grade, I think, and the other is maybe in the 4th grade.  The older brother seems to be really flexible and he can kick really high.  Also, I was told that someone from my office came to visit on the day we didn't go and that his wife and child were interested.  They weren't there the last two days though, so they might not come back.