Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back stance? Front stance?

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

Basic Drills - Kihon
Sparring - Kumite

We did the basic drills as always.  Not much variation with our instructor.  Hannah counted during the first set of straight punch drills, where we all stand in a neutral (natural?) stance and practice straight punching and then get down in horse stance and do the same.  Each member takes turns counting to ten and we all do ten punches per member and then the instructor does it one more time and we all kiai on each of the final ten punches.  Well, Hannah usually doesn't get a turn calling out the punches but this time she did.  She did a great job.  Most new members have to be told how to do it but Hannah did it perfectly the first time.  After that she kind of fizzled out and didn't want to practice anymore.


Hannah did half a round of the first drill and then quit.  She quit after I touched her to move her into place when everyone was supposed to switch to a new partner. Whenever I go around with her, she falls back on me, literally, and then doesn't practice.  If she goes around by herself, or on the rare occasion that the instructor will go around with her, she does a good job.  After she got out of line I sat with her for most of the rest of the sparring drills trying to talk to her and get her to get back to it or to find out why she doesn't want to do it.  My bad.  It's just not fun perhaps.  Or perhaps it is just too awkward for a small 5 year-old to do sparring drills with 12 and 15 year-olds.


We split into two groups and then came together at the end to practice tournament style kata.  Hannah, jumped in with the other two white belts and tried Heian Shodan.  She has never practiced it.  She doesn't want to, but for some reason that practice looked like something she wanted to do.

Aspen did a fairly good job of Heian Nidan and I did Heian Nidan as well.  After a few weeks of no practice I was a little rusty.  I went out on the next Friday early in the morning and practice my Kata during my run.

Back Stance?  Front Stance? 

I am having a hard time remembering when I need to do morote uke (augmented block?) in front stance and when I need to do it in back stance.  If you are just starting like I am, are having the same problem? Are you doing it in the right stance?