Monday, June 30, 2014

Different paces bring happy faces

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei,

We got there a little late and missed the basic drills.  Everyone was working on sparring drills when we got there.  I was going to sit back and watch to encourage my two young kids to work without me but Muto-sensei asked me to jump in to give some of the newer members extra practice with sparring as they were going to join in a tournament soon.

We went through sparring quickly and then through Kata quickly before Muto-sensei had to leave early.  From that point on Kon-sensei took over and we did some completely different drills.

First we did some new sparring drills.  It took forever for me to get my kids ready because they didn't really know what was going on and were tired of doing the same stuff that we always do.  They never pay attention and didn't listen to Muto-sensei when he left.

Jab, lunge punch.

We took turns doing 10 combination jab to lunge punches.
Then we made two lines in front of two black belts and took turns practicing this jab to lunge punch combination on them.

Kick the bag

We have a kicking "bag" of sorts.  It stands on the floor and is about 165 or 170 cm tall.  We lined up in front of the kicking bag and took turns kicking it, concentrating on doing high-level round house kicks (mawashi geri) but were allowed to practice whatever punches and kicks we wanted.

We all really enjoyed this and it was a drill that even the littlest of the members could easily participate in and there were smiles all the faces of all the members as they enjoyed doing this new activity.

UUghhg.  I hate this keyboard.