Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heian Sandan and Heian Godan pointers

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

As always, we did the basic drills and sparring and then kata.

For Heian Sandan, there is a move where you start from heisoku dachi, with your feet together and your fists on our hips, and then kick forward (crescent moon kick??) and then stamp down and swing your elbow forward (fure-enpi) and then strike with a back hand fist.  Muto-sensei explained to us the meaning of this elbow swing and strike.  He said you swing your elbow to block a straight punch and then bring your first in close to your body with your elbow bent completely before the strike so that you can make sure your forearm gets clear of the other person's hand that you just blocked.  Make sense?  It made sense when he was showing it to us.  He also showed the backhand strike as hitting the opponent on the on the top of the forehead.

Heian Godan - On the eight fist movement you perform a lower level x-block and then perform and open-handed x-block to the upper level.  You then must immediately do the next movement where you rotate your hands as if you blocked a punch with the x-block and the opponent's fist was in between your two hands.... you rotate your hands so that your right hand rotates to the right as if to grab your opponent's arm and pull it down and to the side, then immediately perform the next two movements.  A left handed hand sweep(?) and a stepping front lunch punch with the right hand.