Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nukite height

Today we did some new drills. 

We did the regular set of 
  • straight punches, 
  • punches from horse stance, 
  • gedan barai, oizuki
  • ageuke
  • sotouke
  • uchiuke.

And after doing age-uke we did age-uke going back with gyaku-zuki.  Then we did shuto-uke with  nukite. Then it was uchi-uke with gyaku-zuki.  Then soto-uke and then soto-uke with gyaku-zuki????

We also did the regular sparring drills and free sparring at the end.  Of course, I am the only adult so things are a little awkward when I do these drills with the kids.  I am 178 cm tall, they are 130, 150, 160 cm tall.  One girl is probably 165 cm tall or taller.  But just because she is close to my height doesn't mean I'm going to hit hard.  She is still young and much lighter and weaker than I am.  She is better than I am.  No doubt about that.  Most of the kids are technically better and faster than I am.  And they probably always will be.  How fast and skilled can a 40 year old beginner get?

We did a practice test for kata. I had to do Heian Nidan. I learned that I need to watch the height of my nukite.  I know where it is supposed to go now so I'll keep that in mind from now on. I mean, I knew where it should be but I hadn't thought about that in regards to the kata.  You are aiming for the spot just under the solar plexus where there is a divide in the muscles.  Am I right?  I'll have to check and make sure.  

I think one of the only things that I have going for me over the kids despite my size and strength, is my experience.  I wrestled for 10 years and just having the experience of being an adult, I think it makes it easier to learn things faster. Most of the member give me advice once or twice during each practice, which helps too.