Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014/07/02 More Roundhouses!

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


Muto-sensei is having us work more on the roundhouse kick, or mawashigeri in Japanese.  His reason is that at the tournaments you can only get ..... one or two points, I can't remember exactly, for a front kick, but you get three points if you land a roundhouse kick to the head.  Also, depending on the tournament rules, for some tournaments, you are not allowed to make contact with the head with your fists, but you get three points if you land a mawashigeri to the head.

I am at a distinct disadvantage here.  I cannot get my legs up very high as I have very poor flexibility.  My son, too, has the same disadvantage.  I tell him he needs to stretch too, but he is not interested in doing any training if it is not at class.  If you could make stretching fun and active, then maybe he would do it as a part of some type of play.

Our club is going to do a demonstration during the summer festival this month but my family can't participate.  It would be really cool if we could.  My kids need some motivation and we haven't been able to go to any tournaments yet.  There have been tournaments, we just couldn't participate for one reason or another.  We DID go watch one, though.


During kicks, or during lunges, you should keep your back foot firmly planted on the ground, and not lift your heel off of the floor.  This is the advice our Shotokan teacher gives us.  However, this advice might not always hold.  Check out this advice from Dr. Lucio Maurino. -> "Dr. Lucio Maurino, world kata champion, gives a quick lesson on why the traditional heel-turn of Karate is fundamentally foolish, possibly harmful, and above all; biomechanically wrong."

Well, do what your teacher wants you to do during class and experiment on your own time.

Get Deep

More advice - He said that I need to make more effort to get deeper in my stances, especially because I have "such long legs" I need to make an extra effort to do this.  This is good.  I want to LOOK good when I do it AND the deeper stances will work my muscles harder.


We do wankan sometimes but I can never quite figure out how to do it because the teacher is always in front of us and I can't see what his hands are doing.  I should just stop him and ask questions next time.  Well, we got there early and I grabbed a purple belt and had her teach me this short kata.

From here.
It looks like I need to work on combinations like age uke to gyaku-zuki and soto-uke to gyaku-zuki while moving backwards.  I also need to work on my timing and my speed and power for the kata and I need to work on my flexibility and speed by stretching and doing speed/muscle building drills for my legs.  Think knee-ups.  I almost have all of the Heian Kata memorized.  For the most part I do but sometimes I can't remember if I need to be in a back stance or a front stance, and when I watch the others, often times their stances are vague, being more of a wide-legged squat than a front stance or a back stance.  Especially for their back stances.