Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014/07/30 Figuring out Wankan

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

We had a fun start.  I had taken the day off and we were able to get to practice 30 minutes earlier than usual.  There were two kids there and with the addition of my two kids that made four kids and one adult for 5 members.  After speaking with some of the other parents, I ran over to initiate some splay with the kids.  I told them about the Stuck in the Mud game and they told me it was the same as the Banana Game and then quickly renamed it to Karate Tag.  If the IT tags you, you have to stand in horse stance until a free person can crawl between your legs.  This was good and fun, but would be much more fun with more members.  Two more members showed up, two new members, but for some reason, they never join us in our warm-up play.    The kids and I played this game for a while and then one of the black belts introduced some other games to play.  Crown, was a bit unwilling to play.  He seems to be getting a bit serious lately and I can see him practicing in front of the mirror.  He must have made up his mind to step up his game.

I spoke with some of the parents and they again talked to me about A's motivation and encouraged me to get him to the next belt test in 11 days.  I was finally able to encourage the kids' mother to let him go take the test. Initially I didn't think I'd be able to take the test myself because I thought I'd have to look after the other kids, but, it looks like we'll be able to have their grandmother and aunt look after them on that day.  Lucky!  But these things are so damn expensive.  Being as old as I am, I doubt I'll ever be a Karate instructor, but it would be a good business if you can get and keep enough members.

About the training, which was basically the same as always.l

Basic Drills

I got interrupted quite a bit by little H and wasn't able to do all of the drills.  He was introducing some skills that he said were black belt level skills.  We are such a small group, we just do a little bit of everything.  What was it???  Think, think, think (Pooh).

Knife hand block to Spear hand strike combination, moving forward and moving back.

These combinations are going to require more focused practice for someone as poorly coordinated as I.

During the kicking drills, in an effort to be a good example to the white belts and little H, I kicked with my injured leg and was immediately sorry for it.  Ouch!

The same drills as usual.   Crown was giving me some advice but I had a hard time hearing/understanding him.  He said something about timing which I didn't fully understand but I understood enough to know how important it is, as is illustrated by this video clip.  He also said something about punching that I caught even less of.  I THINK he said to let your punch linger at the end of the strike because it increases the chance of it making contact.  ???

We did all the Heian Kata and then did Wankan and Jitte.  I'm pretty sure that sensei is either doing Wankan wrong, or doing a different version/style from the examples and descriptions that I can find on the intertubes.

One description I found shows this first move done in back stance.  This video, and others, shows it done in cat stance.  This diagram below, shows it being done in back stance. ( I would love to give credit to whomever made these wonderful diagrams but have been unable to find the author.  You can find these all over the Internet, some of them have the notes edited out.)
I'm not sure exactly what to do around Movement 10.  This description and the diagram says to step into right front stance and do left tate-shuto-uke and to put your right fist on your right hip.  Then, while still in right front stance, do right punch then left punch, then turn 180 degrees to the left and repeat.
Here is the description that I found at





I guess I'll just have to ask my Sensei about what stance to use but I don't want to question him on movement 10~.

I still need to practice this and figure out why I'm not returning to the starting point.  As I posted earlier, I think I know why, I just need to practice it.