Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Augmented block in front stance

I don't know why I've been calling it "class" all this time.  From now on I'll be calling it practice instead.

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei
  • Drills
  • Sparring
  • Kata


We didn't do those combination block / counter strikes this time.  Bummer.  I still need the practice.  I can always practice on my own, somewhere, somehow.


The sparring drills seemed to go on forever this time.  I wish we had some free time to work on whatever we thought we needed to or wanted to work on within each section of practice.  Like, free time to practice any basic drills that we wanted to or free time to practice any sparring drills that we wanted to.


We did kata with Kon-sensei this time and Muto-sensei worked with the brown/black/purple belts.  We did just the Heian Kata.  I need to continue to go over those and practice them in my free time because I forget if all of the morote uke are in back stance or if some of them are in front stance.  In particular, I am suspicious that one of the morote uke in Heian Godan is in front stance and not in back stance.  Let's see, ...... Ah yes, here it is. Just as I suspected.  It's an augmented block (morote uke) done in FRONT STANCE.  I knew it!

So there you have it.  This is, I think, the only augmented block done in front stance in the Heian kata series. This reminds me that I need to also memorize the official number of movements(?) for each kata for the black belt test so I might as well start memorizing them now.

Before practice and after practice I also practiced the Jitte Kata.  I couldn't figure it out but I had Crown help me out a few times and now I think I'll be able to do it mostly correct from now on.  I need to take the time to watch the video I have of it on the recorder.

Heian Nidan  -  Kon-sensei said that, probably, when doing the first movement and consequently it's mirror movement on the right side, that the upper level inside block (jodan uchi uke??) should be done with the palm facing in as it is when doing Jitte or Heian Sandan when you have both fists up in an upper level block.  It doesn't look like that is correct.  I just checked two different references that I have and it looks like the fist it turned the the knuckles facing back and the palm facing forward (North).

DeepMoon asked if the movement done in Heian Yondan where you are in kosa dachi is done in hanmi or not.  I think it is a strike and not a block, which would mean it would be done shoulders square facing forward (north) and not done with the body turned in hanmi.  Then in Heian Godan, the movement done in the same position on the embusen is a block, the mid-level augmented block (morote uke) and should be done with the body twisted in hanmi.