Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivating A and H

I need to come up with a way to motivate the kids, especially A, since H is still a bit too young.

It needs to be fun

One thing is that we need to figure out a way to make practice more fun while at the same time having some meaning and purpose towards our goals of improving their skills in karate. I have been looking for ideas for fun games and drills to do with the kids BEFORE practice starts as warm-up.  Right now the kids play tag and dodge ball, which is good fun, and good to get their bodies warm, but considering the fact that only a few kids come early, it's probably not helping them very much.  If I were to join in with them more, then it would help to increase the level of activity they do and would probably help them increase agility.

I have found some ideas though, and I will try to get the kids doing some of them.

The kids need a goal

I tried goal sheets, but they didn't work because I would forget to remind the kids to do it. So, I spoke with their mother and she agreed to allow me to put some goal sheets up for the kids on the wall where they can see them.   She still does not want to allow them to take a belt test anytime soon.  She doesn't think they are ready.  Of course they are not ready, but having a belt test on the horizon might give them the motivation to step up their training.

For the test, of course, they will need to do all the skills we regularly practice at our weekly group practices.  That is, he will have to perform the basic skill drills of doing lunge punches, front kicks, down blocks, etc.  He often does not do these seriously because he doesn't like doing them. I don't blame him.  They are boring and for him and I, difficult to do well.  Well, the kicks are difficult to do well.  Neither of us can kick very high because we are not flexible.   I would like to get him interested in stretching, too.  We will never be able to kick high, and thus never be able to do some of the kata and skills we'll need in the future, unless we can dramatically improve our flexibility.

So I guess my plan is two-fold.  Provide fun drills and games for practice (even though I'm not the instructor) and find a way to give the kids attainable goals to fuel their motivation.

I'm going to try the challenge sheets again.  I've got various ideas.  The basic idea is to have a piece of paper with spaces to fill in or mark off every time they do something towards their goal and have it give them a visual sense of working closer to that goal.  The first time I made them I let the kids choose what they wanted to work on.  A choose to do 100 punches a day, H choose to do push-ups every day etc.