Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


We did the basic drills we usually do with the combination blocks and counter strikes. I am so uncoordinated I can barely do these and it makes me feel self conscious and frustrated.
Some of the combinations we practiced I have listed below.

While retreating:
  • Age-uke > gyaku-zuki (rising upper block to counter punch)
  • Soto-uke > gyaku-zuki 
  • Shuto-uke > Nukite (Knife hand block to Spear hand strike)
I have a hard enough time coordinating stepping forward with good form while trying to do these arm movements at the same time.    This poorness of coordination of mine is the same reason why I can't dance.  

Knife-hand block and Spear-hand strike combination

In particular doing Shuto-uke and then Nukite while retreating was new to me.  I think this time was the second time that I had done this during practice.  You do Shuto-uke (Knife-hand block) while retreating and keeping your feet lined up with heels on the same line, and then step into front hand stance for Nukite, which means you have to bring your front foot out to the side a bit so that you are in good front stance form with your feet wide enough apart that you don't fall over, whatever that means for you.  The sensei usually says to have them shoulder-width apart but really this should be whatever works for you and our sensei wouldn't complain if your feet were not exactly shoulder-width apart. 保育認識
Kon-sensei says that I need to relax more when sparring. He says that I am too tense and that being so will wear me out.  I understand what he is saying.  I doubt that any match will last long enough to wear me out, though. 

A needs to keep his heel flat on the floor when kicking Muto-sensei says. This is about the third time he was told us this.  I wonder if it really makes a difference and if keeping your heel on the floor really is better?  He says it helps to keep you stable when kicking.  

H did the basic kicking and punching drills well and was even doing the sparring practice well when she stopped to go rest and then subsequently fell asleep on her gym bag. I told her she could stop after she we finished doing 3-bon-kumite.  She was ready to keep going and maybe I should have let her.  For her, maybe it is better to have her stop while she is still enjoying it.

We did Heian Shodan through Heian Godan,  Jitte and Wankan the last two of which I have almost memorized. The black/brown belts did something else.  A didn't do any of the kata practice and then at the end Muto-sensei had us do a mock Kata test, for which once again, A was not ready for and for which once again he got scolded for not doing better.  I need to find some way to motivate him to practice kata.  If he keeps getting scolded, then there is a danger he'll stop enjoying it and want to quit.  He doesn't enjoy it as much as soccer, although he could if practices were a little more interesting and/or fun.


Crown said to try and finish the first hand movements and leg movements at the same time.  He said to start the hands moving before you start your legs moving so that they finish at the same time.  I'll have to watch some more video on it.   


- Nk told me that there is more than one way to do Wankan.  I must investigate that. 


- Crown said that I can use a feinted front kick to make the opponent move and then attack them while they are retreating.    Yzki got in a good kick which hit me right on the left shoulder and made a loud smacking sound.  She is only about as tall as my solar plexus so this is quit a feat.  Her kicks are fast and she can kick high.  Several of the kids can kick fast and high.  Some of them cannot.  I cannot kick neither fast nor high.  My highest kick while on the ground would hit someone in the chest, but my leg wouldn't be fully extended because my hamstrings are still too short (tight).