Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014/08/06 Practice

Just 4 days until the next belt test and practice.

Advice: I was told (again) to make sure my back leg, when stepping, is straight and my heel is on the floor.
A was told not to drag his feet when stepping.
Heian Nidan - Nukite, make sure your left hand is under your elbow or perhaps slightly before it (forearm direction).
Heian Sandan - for some reason I keep ending up facing slightly to the right instead of straight forward.
Heain Yondan and Godan - I was unable to return exactly to the starting point.
Heain Yondan - Need to study the timing.
A was scolded again for playing with his belt (about the 10th time) and for having a bad attitude (yawing, not sitting up, picking at his toes while the instructor was talking).  He gets tired and then he starts to fidget and it looks like he is not listening, and he probably isn't listening.