Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jion and Jiin


Today was the first practice A, H and I attended after our last belt test. Everyone had their new belts or their new kyu and Muto-sensei handed out certificates to everyone who moved up a level.  He scolded one of the members as he doesn't think she works hard in practice and said that if it had been up to him, he wouldn't have let her move up a level but the other judges decided she should.  To tell you the truth, she doesn't work hard in practice but I think that is because she just doesn't have the stamina to go all out.  When tournament time comes though, she goes all out.  A was proud to get his certificate and, although he got scolded once or twice in practice, he worked hard and kept serious more than usual.  Usually he can't concentrate that long and gets bored and starts goofing off.
I am/was worried about what the other members (all children) would think of that fact that I was promoted 4 levels past some of them who have been doing this for a few years longer than I (I've only been doing it for one year).  It is hard for me to read their emotions but I guess I'll just have to work hard to make myself worthy of the level given me.

We did Jion and Jiin today for the first time.  The black belts worked on it during the last belt test and special practice.
I need to look these up and practice them on my own.
Muto-sensei told me again that I need to hit the kids or neither them nor I will get better. He says to pull my punches but to actually hit them. They need to know what it's like and they need to experience that shock of getting hit.  He said to strike and pull back my fist/leg quickly, showing them my speed.

I need to work on
Taking big fast steps
Footwork and building speed and agility
Combinations, especially age uke to gyakuzuki. Soto uke to gyakuzuki etc
Bringing my knee up high when kicking

 We missed a few practices as we had taken a week off to go camping.
A and H both did really well and worked all the way through the entire practice.  Today was the first day of school after summer break and between that and karate practice she was plum tuckered out.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home.