Sunday, August 31, 2014

Remember the numbers of moves in Kata

I'm not sure what to call 挙動 (kyodou) in English, but it is the official (?) counts for the moves in a kata.  Each Kata has x number of moves in it.  I've found that remembering how many total moves there are in a kata makes it easier to recall the kata during practice.

For example, I've been trying to remember all the moves in Jion and there are 47 moves in it, according to the references I am using.  Move number 22 is a downward block.  Move number 30, has you standing in heisoku-dachi with your fists down to your sides in a V away from your body.  Move 37 is an outside block done right before you turn around 270 degrees to perform an inside block with your left hand.  I don't remember what every move is for every move number, but remembering the number for specific moves at points throughout the kata is helping me recall the others.

I have remembered all the moves for the Heian Kata and several other kata but I still need work on rhythm and timing and a host of other things.

I am beginning to realize that a lot of time spent training for Shotokan karate, as I guess is the same with other sports, is done in the mind.  Reading, studying, image training, recalling, wondering, ....  thinking.