Saturday, August 23, 2014


August 23, 2014 (Saturday)
Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

Kon-sensei didn't come till the very end.

We did the usual kihon, kumite and kata.


I tried to recall what I learned at the last belt test and practice and tried to put that into effect.
*Take bigger, faster, stronger steps, especially when doing lunge punches/kicks.
*Raise your knee high before you kick.  I was surprised at how much this made a difference. It really helps get my kicks higher.  HOWEVER, my muscles are still too short and I still can't fully extend my leg if I have it raised up higher than 90 degrees from the floor.  I need to work more consistently at stretching every day.
*Side kicking (yoko keage / yoko kekomi) Trying to implement what I learned but still feeling clumsy about it.  However, with my bad hips, I was really hurting before and I can see how the new advice I got will make a difference as it will work better with my body (and anyone's I'm sure).
For Yoko keage-Point your knee in the direction you will kick then turn your hips and finish the kick.Yoko kekomi-Raise for knee up with it pointing in the direction your body is facing, not the direction you are kicking, and then rotate your hips and finish the kick.Kon-sensei said he had just learned to do it this way that day.
To tell you the truth, regardless of where you point your knee, it seems to me like you are doing the same movement in the end.  That is, rotating your hips and finishing the kick.  I'll have to get more instruction on this, because the purpose of the two kicks is not the same, right? Keage, is to knock something up and out of the way, and kekomi is to actually hit the opponent with the kick.


Jion - heel palm strikes?  These strikes should be aimed for the solar plexus.  I guess mine were a bit too high.

A few of the members were gone so we got more time with each member during free sparring.  I tried to actually make contact more with my round house kicks.  With the helmets, they seem to be pretty harmless.  I'm not trying to hit the kids hard, but if they don't get hit at all, they won't be ready for it when they do in a tournament.  A, especially, doesn't try to block at all when working with me.  I'll have to talk to the other members in secret and get them to start hitting him lightly so he can learn to have a healthy wariness about getting hit.

I landed a front kick in one of the kids' sides and he was wincing for a while.  He seemed fine today.  I didn't hit him very hard but he moved into the kick.  I also hit one of the black belts pretty hard right on the chin of his helmet.  He came back with much more intensity after that and kicked me  in the ribs twice, both times he was too fast for me to block and exposed some of my weeks spots.  Basically, I haven't been hit enough to know where I need to pay attention to, and neither have the other newbies.  I have been given a belt that exceeds my experience and skill.  I open myself up to getting hit.  I'd really like to video tape the sessions for review.