Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014/09/03 Getting a leg up, first competition coming soon!

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

I signed A and I up for our very first competition happening a month from now.  I signed us both up for kata and kumite.  A says he will do Heian Sandan.  I think I will do Heian Godan or Jitte.  Which reminds me that I need to research Jitte a little more so I can see what the hell is going on with the hands when handling the bo (stick).

Training Menu

  • Kihon - basic kicking and punching drils
  • Kumite - sparring drills & sparring
  • Kata - dancing? ;-)


We did the usual stuff.

  1. Stand in a neutral stance and do straight punches at solar plexus level.  We did about 70.  
  2. Stand in horse stance and do the above again.
  3. Swing your arms, work your knees and ankles, and do a bit of a hamstring ping????
  4. Gedan barai to Oizuki 10 times
  5. Age uke (rising block) 5 times
  6. Age uke to gyakuzuki while stepping backward 5 times
  7. outside block 5 times
  8. (Sometimes we will do outside block to gyakuzuki, or outside block to nukite (spear hand strike, but not today.)
  9. Front kick, mid-level 10 times (kekomi)
  10. Fronk kick, focus on snapping the foot back after the kick (kebanashi)
  11. Front kick kebanashi to upper level
  12. Yokogeri from horse stance (kiba dachi)
  13. Yokogeri kebanashi
  14. Yokogeri to upper level
  15. Yokogeri done like it is done in the Heian Katas.  To the side, then 45 degrees)
Then stop to get your gear on for sparring. A decided he didn't want to wear his shin and instep guards.  


The JHS kids were home studying so we were a few members short.  How we lined up meant that you faced the same person twice for each round and missed working with about half the members.  We should have shuffled the members by one to the right or left so that we could have worked with all the members.  I especially wanted to be able to work with A-kun as he is fairly aggressive and throws his punches and kicks a bit faster than the others.  

My own boy, A, will not spar with me very well.  He doesn't back up during yakusoku kumite which means I can't move forward.  He doesn't try to block at all, which is the whole reason for doing the first few drills  of kumite we do. He tries to hit me instead of just going at his own pace like is is supposed to when attacking.  One good things is that he follows through with his whole body when punching and kicking, like we were taught at the special practice we had after the last belt test. This results in him being too close for me to launch an effective counter.  But then again the same thing happens when he doesn't back up when he is supposed to.


We did all the Heian Kata while the brown and black belts worked on Gojushiho? We also did KankuDai again. I think A did all the Heian kata this practice but I'm not sure.  He stopped and went and layed down when we were doing Kanku-dai.


  1. Heian Sandan - at around move 11, where you stand up in Heisoku Dachi and bring your elbows up with your fists at your hips, make sure to keep your elbows out to the sides and not pointing back behind you.  Both A and I were making this mistake as I think most of the others were too.
  2. Also, for Heian Sandan, when you do the uraken strike after the fure-empi (??), you need to make sure your fist comes up close to your own arm so that it gets clear of your attacker's arm/fist that you just received with your elbow block.  
  3. Heian Sandan. When stepping and stomping preceding the fure-empi, Muto-sensei said to swing your body around bringing your foot around and to bring your foot in a bit once you get around before stomping it down hard.

KankuDai  - We went over this one again, for the second time.  We went through it twice with Muto-sensei and once on our own.  I couldn't remember it at all.  I can think of a better way to practice this.  I will just have to do that on my own.

Tekki - One of the black belts told me that, rather than Kankudai I should be learning Tekki, as these katas will be required when I try and get my first black belt.  Really, I don't feel I am ready for a black belt or even a brown belt and I am sure I have enough time before I get there to learn it.  I prefer to work on the kata Muto-sensei is introducing to us at the moment.  In that way I can study them on my own and then test it and confirm it during practice. But, once I have learned (not mastered) all the kata he has shown us, then I will tackle the Tekki katas, unless he shows them to us before then.

Getting a leg up!

I was surprised to find that I am able to get my leg up much higher than before.  I guess the stretching and 100-ups is paying off.