Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bassai Dai?!

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


The same old stuff.  We do the same old stuff most of the time.  I guess Muto-sensei feels it is the best use of our limited time.  And he is probably right in thinking so.

A and H and I were all tired from the day before.  The day before was a holiday and we spent the whole day outside on an adventure and hadn't yet recovered. A was grumpy from the start. H was doing OK, but could get started on Kumite drills and didn't hardly do anything but stand around during basic drills.  She was just asking me earlier that day when HER belt was going to change. I told her, that once she learned Heian Shodan and could do 3-bon kumite, then she could get a new belt.

A, again, didn't do the kata practice.  He did Heian Shodan and then got confused with Heian Nidan and quit kata practice all together.  He doesn't want to practice, but he doesn't want to look bad by not being able to do it, either.  A bundle of contradictions.

Bassai Dai.

For some reason, Muto-sensei started to teach us Bassai Dai.  He started.  But he didn't finish.  He seemed confused.  I worry about him. He turns Eighty this year, and while most of the time he is lucid, strong and healthy looking, and has a fine memory, sometimes he gets confused.  We haven't quite internalised Kanku Dai yet.  I can do it if I am allowed to count on my own, but I get confused when I have to follow his count.  I need to practice it more so that I can do it without counting.  On this day, I got mixed up doing Heian Godan.  So embarrassing.  I just so wish I had space and time to practice.  I think with winter coming on, I won't have to worry about mozzies anymore and I might just go outside and practice in the yard, in the dark, in the snow.