Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kata practice, practice, practice

We have had three practices since my last post.  Muto-sensei introduced Tekki Shodan to us lower level belts for the first time.  He is eager to have me get my black belt and I feel that is part of the reason he is introducing it to us.  It is a short Kata and it looks like it should be easy to memorize all the steps/moves.  I tried twice to go over it the last three days but have been interrupted and have not had enough time to go over it on my own yet.  It looks like there are two kicks in there that I couldn't see Muto-sensei doing from behind.

We keep learning new kata, which is interesting, but I have yet had time to polish any one of them.  We always go over the Heian kata, which is good because I don't feel confident doing any of them.  I have all the steps memorized, I just don't feel that I am doing them well.  I am really eager to get a tri-pod and a new video camera so I can start video taping myself and Aspen so we can analyze our performances.

Since the Gasshuku, I have once again tried to get started doing push-ups everyday and I really need to get back into doing my rehab stretches and strength training too.  They just take so much time and our apartment is so small there is no place for me to do them.  I should stop complaining and just start doing them! I will never be able to do well at Karate if I don't drastically improve my flexibility and loose weight.  I know I don't have a lot of weight to loose, but if I could loose around 5 kg, I'm sure it would make a big difference.  I need to get running more often.  That will surely help me to loose some weight.   I have also been thinking about jumping rope.  That should help me loose weight as well as help strengthen my calves/etc for the constant bouncing done when sparring.

I am bribing the kids.  I sometimes give them candy or buy them snacks after practice as a reward.   At this point, considering how young they are, I just want them to look forward to and to associate good feelings with going to karate.

Muto-sensei said the other day that after the next exam, I should be a brown belt but that after becoming a brown belt, it might take a while before I can get my black belt, which is fine with me.  But then he said, that for adults, he usually doesn't make them wait so long.  ???  It looks like the next exam is in December.  I think we will skip that one and wait until the next one in March.  A needs the motivation the exams provide, but I don't and I really want to be worthy of a brown belt before I get it.  I can learn the stuff, well enough quickly enough, but things like speed, timing and flexibility take time and experience to develop. I don't want to be a brown belt who gets his ass kicked by some lower belt.    *Sigh*  I still have yet to practice with, let along spar against adult karateka, and to tell you the truth, the thought of it scares me a bit.  I don't want to get hurt.