Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slipping up

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

Kihon drills

Punches in neutral stance
Punches from the horse stance
Lunge punches
Rising blocks
Outside blocks
Inside blocks
Front kicks mid level
Front kicks high level
Front snap kicks mid level
Front snap kicks high level
Round house kicks mid level
Round house kicks high level
Side kicks (yoko geri) mid / high/ snap / mid / high
4 way kicks? Shihappo geri?
Nidan geri
Empi (jump spin backwards)

I have a hard time doing the round house kicks and the 4 way kicks.  I should practice those at home.  The round house kicks, we are supposed to kick as if we would hit with the ball of the foot? The meaty part of the foot at the base of the toes, while not breaking your toes.  I also feel that I need to work at doing each of the drills faster. Kick faster, punch faster, step faster.

Today I fell.  Muto-sensei was telling us to kick more and I tried to kick Crown and he is a bit taller than the others, but not as tall as me, and when I tried to kick him in the head with a round house with my left leg, my right leg came off of the ground and I ended up face down on the floor.  I was so embarrassed! I'm not sure how I can keep that from happening again but I hope it never does. Did this happen because m right foot was up on the ball of the foot? And this is why I need to keep my feet flat on the floor when kicking????  Did this happen because I'm just not flexible enough to kick that high?  I think so.  Crown tried to give me some advice but I'n not sure what he was trying to tell me.  Bend my knees? Get lower?

Flower didn't do all of the kumite but surprisingly, she did all of the Kata practice.  A on  the other hand didn't do any Kata practice at all. What's wrong with him?  What is he thinking?  Was he tired? Is just that he doesn't like Kata practice? Was he unhappy that I hadn't brought us something to drink?  I don't know.

Heian Shodan through Heian Godan

I got confused doing Wankan and was a bit embarrassed by that.  I almost have KankuDai memorized.  I need to work on that a little more.  Next I need to start studying the timing of all the kata I have learned the moves for so far.  Where do you pause for a second, where do you pause for two? Where do you go quickly, where do you go slowly?

I ran in a half marathon race on Sunday and my hamstrings are still stiff and sore.  I was careful not to kick to hard in the beginning and the seem to have held up.  I'll try going for a run tomorrow and see how they feel.