Thursday, October 16, 2014

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei


A, for some reason, decided just before we left for practice, that he wanted to quit Karate?  We half forced him to get into the car, and before we had reached the dojo, he was already in a good mood.  And he had a good time during practice and came home happy and in a good mood.   Strange.  During practice Muto-sensei praised him for his improvement in kumite.

H did really well at the last practice and I was able to watch her because I had to watch over our 3-year-old and couldn't practice myself.  I wasn't able to watch her this time because I was practicing myself, but, I think she does a better job when I'm not going around with her.  She tried to talk to me several times during yaku soku kumite, but I kind of half ignored her, and she just kept at it.  She often tries to tell me that she is hot, or sweaty, or itchy, or wants to take off her menho. Then when I stop to hear her say, she inevitably uses that to quit.  She ducked out halfway through kumite practice and that's OK.  Just as long as she goes through 3 bon kumite at least, I'm happy with that.    She can't follow us through kata practice.  She needs special attention but she wont take it.  I guess I'll just have to wait until she is ready, or think of a creative way to get her to practice.

Kata - we went through the Heian kata and then did Wankan, Kankudai and Bassai Dai.  It's about time I find some time and space to go through Bassai Dai on my own.  I also need to practice Kankudai more so I can do it without counting.   Actually, all of my kata suck and they all need to be worked on constantly.