Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our first tournament

Training for anything hasn't been going well. Bad weather, bad colds, busy schedules.  

The last couple of practices I had to bring our littlest one and so couldn't practice much. I did do a bit of Kata practice with everyone, though.  

H on the other hand, did really well during the last practice.  She did san-bon kumite really well.  She keeps asking me when she will get a colored belt and I keep telling her "When you can do san-bon-kumite and when you have learned Heian Shodan, then you can get a colored belt."  In reality, she probably could get one now, but I'd like to be a bit more strict with their advancement.   I'd love to give A and H individualized practice but I can't figure out how to get them to do it.  I can't hold their attention long enough to do it.  The other kids in the club, too, aren't very serious about practice.  

A and I participated in our first tournament over the weekend.  H came along, too. Kata was done in the morning and Kumite after lunch. A and I both did terribly on our Kata.  A could have a chance if he would practice, but he won't.  I blanked out half way through and even if I wouldn't have, I was so far outclassed it wasn't even funny.  I'm sure it must have been painful to watch.  It's painful to recall, for sure.

A won his first match, winning, I think, 3 to 0, with lunge punches.  Mr. Y cheered him on well, and was a good example for me.  His cheering seemed to spur A on and give him confidence. His success, probably gave him confidence as well. He lost his second match quickly, receiving two swift kicks to the head and losing 6 - 0. I had to wait all day for my match and thus had plenty of time to be nervous.   I lost my first match 6 - 0 to a guy whose black belt was faded and worn.  It was my first match ever against an adult.  Again, I was so outclassed it wasn't even funny.  I can't kick.  I probably look like white belt first grader when I do.  It was so embarrassing.  I was told by a ref before the match, in English, "No contact."  I knew the rules already.  You are supposed to pull your punches.  I'm not sure if my opponent was pulling his punches and kicks or not, but he hit me pretty hard several times.  It was a shock.  I lost a lot of confidence, not that I had any to begin with.  My division was for High School, College and Adult men.  There were only two adult men, I think, me and my first and last opponent.  They were all big and tall and fast.  I can't imagine I'll ever be that fast.  

Lookin on the brighter side of this experience, I got to sit at the edge of the matt after loosing in Kata and loosing in Kumite and thus got to watch, at very close range, the big boys do their stuff.  It was eye-opening.  

For Kata, I did Heian Nidan.  It is the one I feel the most comfortable with, and I blew it.  Everyone looked at me with disbelief when I pronounced it.   All the others were doing Jion, Kankudai, Bassaidai, Empi and other kata I hadn't even heard of.  No one did Jitte, which was what I was thinking of doing in the first place.  Now I'm thinking that I will have to practice Jitte more and perhaps try it at a tournament sometime in the future.  Definitely not in the near future.  No one did Wankan or Chinte either.