Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Muto-sensei, Kon-sensei

Kihon - basic form drills
Kumite - sparring practice
Kata - Kata practice


We did the downward block (gedan barai) during Kihon today, for the first time I might add.  I once again felt foolish as I tried to do the combinations while moving backwards.  Ageuke -> chudan gyakuzuki, Shuto uke -> Nukite from rear stance, Shuto uke -> Nukite while changing to front stance, Soto uke ->gyakuzuki, Uchi uke -> gyakuzuki?  H didn't do any of the kihon except for the first two sets of straight punches.


H joined us for kumite and Muto-sensei worked with her until we started what he calls kaeshi waza.  A got all dressed up for kumite and then decided he didn't want to do it.  But I got him out there and he did it.  We had an odd number and everyone had to take turns waiting to get back in the line.  While he was waiting, he was practicing kata and Muto-sensei praised him heavily for this.  That made him feel good.  ;-)

Once again Crown, NY and YY, all tried to give me advice. Once I was told not to hit hard, and to try and just barely touch with my strikes.  I was also encouraged to try and sweep the punches out of the way instead of trying to do a full Soto uke etc as trying to doge and sweep would be faster.  I can do it sometimes but I'm just not that light on my feet just yet (will I ever be?).


Kon-sensei worked with us on the kata taking us through the Heian kata and then we worked on Jion.