Sunday, December 28, 2014

1872 Hours of Training?

Once again I come to the topic of the number of hours it takes to reach a black belt and I have come to the conclusion that the 1872 hour number is completely arbitrary. Obviously the more you practice, assuming you have good instruction or good resources, the better you will be.  However, it is also obvious that everyone learns at different rates.  Furthermore, someone beginning as an adult, or even as 12-year-old, will progress at a different rate than say a 6-year-old.

Thus I have readjusted my graph.  While I want to get a black belt, and possibly 2-dan or 3-dan in the future, I'm making my graph top out at 500 hours for the time being.

Over the past year I have about 150 hours of training.   Not all of those hours have been in the dojo with an instructor.  After two years, I should have about 300 hours of training if not more. Most of those hours are in the dojo.  After three years I might have close to 500 hours if I can find a way to increase the number of hours I am training now.

Our instructor comes to us from a larger city.  In that city, students at his "dojo" can train 7 days a week if they want.  His club has classes at different venues throughout the week.

We live 30 minutes away from the next city. While our club only meets twice a week, there are other karate dojos in this area, even ones in the same style, that have practices more than twice a week in the city.  If money was no option, I would love to take the kids to another club, in addition to the one we are at now, so we can get more practice and instruction.  But this shit is expensive.  Our monthly fees are apparently not very expensive but it seems expensive to me.  We pay for the two kids, 3000 yen per kid per month.  Plus there is an extra charge of 6000 yen twice a year for club operating fees.  The instructor doesn't charge me, the only adult.  He says he wants me to work hard and get my black belt so that I can become an instructor in the future.

If the kids did a sport at school, it would cost a lot less, however, there is no karate club at  school.  There is a Track and Field club though!