Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10,000 little details

I've been trying to tell myself that this is just a sport.  It is more than that. It is an art.

We had our first practice of the year yesterday.  I hadn't practiced or done anything at all related to karate since the Christmas practice.  It was only about a week and half that I had "rested" but I felt rusty and out of practice.

I went early and was getting instruction on how to improve my execution of Heian Yondan when I had the thought that there are thousands and thousands of little details to learn in karate. I titled this post "10,000 little details" and I am sure there are that many and more to absorb when learning karate.  Just in learning this one kata, there are over 20 "moves" and even more little details to get each move done right.  Of course by "right" I mean correct for our style.  I am also beginning to think that there are some movements that I may never be able to do well, if at all.  If I work hard to develop my hip strength and flexibility, I may be able to do that side snap kick better, but my deteriorating hip joints might not allow me to ever do it well.