Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Tournament, bad news

Opening Cermony

H with the pony tail, waiting her turn

A in red sparring

H on the blue team

H ready to spar

H sparring

A and H proud of their medals.

We went to a kids only tournament over the weekend.  A had said we was going to do Heian Sandan for his kata for two weeks and we had been practicing it and then for some reason he did Heain Nidan.  He wasn't very good but he did it well for him.  H and I had been practicing Heain Shodan but she still has no confidence and just watched and followed her competitor the whole time.  My wife was very upset with me, saying "Why did you put her out there!?"

For kumite, A won his first match and, although he lost, did well on his second match as well, both against bigger kids. (Everyone is bigger than A and H.)  He ended up getting third place in both Kata (only three competitors) and Kumite.  Kata was only kids his age but the kumite was mixed with I think, 2nd through 4th grade.  H had only one other competitor in her group, a girl she enjoys playing with.  They did it as a league??  And they got to have two matches.  H was so cute out there, smiling the whole time and trying to hit and kick the other girl.  She lost of course but it you could tell she was having fun out there.

Both A and H got to come home with medals and plaques and seemed to have had a good time.

And now for the bad news.  A few days before the tournament A had a non-practice.  We went early and while the kids were playing around he knocked H over and made her cry.  The other kids made a big deal out of it and he refused to practice at all.  The next day he came to me and asked if he could quit karate after the tournament.

Update:  Now he still won't say that he likes it but he they both seem to be enjoying now.  He practices (more like playing than practicing) all the time now at home.  He doesn't like getting advice though, so his skills are not improving as fast as they could.