Wednesday, March 25, 2015

191 Kilometers

My running is going well I think.  My body is falling apart and I really should go see the doctor about my knee....  I have signed up for an early summer full marathon and am following a sub-four hour marathon training plan.  It has me doing 4 runs a week.  I have been able to follow the plan fairly well and so in the last 30 days I have run a total of 191 km, according to Runkeeper.

I am wondering..... is this fast enough to finish the marathon in under 4 hours?  Is this slow enough so I wont crash and burn and end up finishing in a death shuffle or worse?  Will my body be able to hold up for a full 41.195 kilometers?  The pace that the plan has me running at for my "marathon pace runs," what the plan calls "steady state runs," has been fairly easy to maintain.  Actually I haven't had any problems  with it at all. I want to go faster, but at the same time I'm afraid my left leg will protest.

I was doing my pace runs on a flat out-and-back course because it has markers every kilometer and I can use my Timex Ironman watch to check my pace.  Why not use Runkeeper for pacing?  There are many times when it seems to me that the pace Runkeeper tells me I am running at through audio cues is completely off.  The other day it seemed right on.  There are many settings and I don't understand them very well.  For pace there is Average pace, Current Pace and Split Pace.  Average pace seems to be the most accurate.  Current pace can be all over the place, and I am guessing this is controlled by GPS signal strength and possible by the speed of your phone.  Mine is a bit old.  I did use it for the last pace run because I wanted to run on a hilly course that would better mimic the race course and that course has no km markers.  I should go out and make my own.