Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Belt Test Results

Here are the results from my last belt test. They call it shokyu shinsa, which I guess translates as "advancement examination".  Shokyu 昇級 Shinsa 審査, together as 昇級審査. The test and the event are the same.

I was promoted to 3-kyu, that's a brown belt in our club, and A was promoted to kari 8-kyu.


I need to work on

  • chaku-gan (need to "look" at your invisible opponents)
  • zenkutsu-dachi (front stance, width, depth)
  • kiba-dachi (I know I can do better)
  • waki no shime (I guess, keeping your elbows close to your sides in hiki te?)
  • hiki ashi (Guessing, bringing foot down after a kick or step??)
  • soku to (this has to do with how your foot is when you do yoko-geri etc)
  • chikara zuyosa (powerfullness)


I need to work on

  • There are times when you need to be powerful and times when you need to relax.
  • Rhythm?  Times when you need to move quickly, and times when you need to move slowly. 
  • 立ち足 tachi ashi?? Stance? 前屈立ち、後屈立ち、騎馬立ち?
  • 足首の締め Still a mystery.
Update: I talked to the black belts last night and they said that 足首の締め probably means "leg stability."  Are you wobbling when you step?  Maybe I should just ask the instructor directly. 


I need to work on

  • 気合 Kiai
  • 力強さ powerfulness
  • 手首の締め ??? 
  • 正確な受け accurate blocking
  • 決め Kime (I think I know what this is, but not 100 % sure). 


-Overall, need to get lower in your stances
-Master the Heian Kata