Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Same as always, pretty much. The three K's.


I think we went through Kihon pretty fast.  H went through Kihon with a little bit of fun encouragement.  As always, I have a terrible time doing mawashi geri and yoko geri. I need to spend extra time just working on those so I don't look like such a fool.

Same as always, except I felt as if most of the members were doing it a bit faster with a bit more concentration than usual.  I for one was recalling when the KD brothers came and how they did it and was trying to emulate them.   There was one highlight of the practice for me.  I got an ippon!  Maybe it was my first ever, or maybe the first in a long time.  Somehow I got a big toe on Crown's plastic face protector and made that nice sound that it does just moments before the ref says "ippon" and gives you 3 points.    He is still much, much, much better than I, as are most of the kids.
A was getting some extra instruction from some of the other members and we is improving.  He still doesn't put his hands up.  He does it all with his hands down at his sides until he punches.  I think this is mostly because no one ever hits him and so he never feels the need to block.  The whole point of half of the exercises is to practice not getting hit but since he is so much shorter and smaller than everyone, he never has to move or block.  I am going to encourage the other members to actually hit him more so he feels the need to block and get out of the way.  What we really need is more people his size.

The black belts did their thing and the rest of us did the Heian kata and then Jion and Kankudai.  I STILL am forgetting kankudai!!!  And its making me feel senile!

My left leg has been bothering me a lot lately.  My knee has developed a sharp pain that shoots out at inconvenient times and almost makes me fall.  My left hip is very painful when kicking with either leg.  My left hamstring is very sore all the time.

I have plenty of time when I have nothing pressing to do, but I still can't use that time as I want to.  I am a slave to the time clock.