Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sat, March 28, 2015 Practice


Practice menu (SAA: Same As Always)

  1. Kihon
  2. Kumite
  3. Kata

Do you call it "practice"? Do you call it "lessons?" Or do you call it "keiko?"   Whatever you call it, I'd like some different structure.  There is nothing wrong with doing the three K's.  But it would be nice to have, for example, 30 minutes more time and to have time within each of the three K's to allow each person to work on what they want within that time.  For example, I would like to spend more time working on and getting instruction on yokogeri and mawashi-geri.

This is still one of my weakest spots. Kumite.  I'm terrible.  I'm too heavy and too slow.  Most of the kids can score on me and I have a hard time getting any points at all.  The last time I sparred against that really good JHS kid, I couldn't even touch him and couldn't even see what was going on when he hit me, several times, in the head.  I do seem to remember that it was in counter to my attacks.

I will add more later.  I'd like to review my last belt test since I got the exam paper back.