Monday, March 16, 2015

The KD brothers visit - Yakusoku Kumite like you mean it!



Kihon was a bit short and kumite was a bit long.  We had two visitors today.  The KD brothers from the big city of KR.  Muto-sensei's base in is KR and he makes the two-hour drive (4 hours here and back) twice a week as a favor to our small club.  They train six days a week over there for an hour at a time. We train twice a week for 90 minutes each.

The KD brothers added some new tension to the practice.  They did things just slightly differently.  The older brother is a 2nd degree black belt.  He was very good.  When we were doing Yakusoku Kumite, he came at me in such a way that I thought he would hit me if I didn't block well and fast.  It was an eye opener and refreshing at the same time. I'm very slow.  I don't think there is much I can do about that.  How much faster can a forty-year-old get?  But none of the other kids in our club come at me that fast and I'm so much larger and clumsier than they, that I'm a little afraid of going at them that fast.  I often step on their toes.  They often don't move out of the way or don't take large enough steps to compensate for my large steps and it is awkward.  Both of these kids, however, adjusted their distance well to match my stride and reach.  I feel if the older kids would come at me faster, it would help me improve.  Wednesday is my last and only chance to practice yakusoku kumite before our belt test on Saturday.  By "our", I mean A and mine.  Since A will be gone the weekend of the next belt test, we have asked to take ours a week early. I digress. So, I am hoping to practice yakusoku kumite with Crown and/or SA on Wednesday and I will ask them to help me practice it at a faster speed.

I need to review the last belt test results and look at the old requirements sheet for each level test that Muto-sensei gave me.  I suppose it will give me some idea.  The last time the contents of the test were different from what I was told they would be.