Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Had a short karate practice on Saturday as my wife had found some event she wanted us to go to. A was happy to have a short practice. :-(  We did kihon and kumite and then left before Kata.  H didn't do anything at all and was being stubborn.

Saturday and Sunday's training runs went well.  I was really nervous about my Sunday long run.  I wanted to run on the dirt but the recent rains made me change my mind.  I had to confront a big dog halfway through and luckily he backed down.  I got a sore spot somewhere under my lower left abdomen.  I really need to spend more time working on strengthening my "core".  Sunday was a 26k run.  I tried to use my Wahoo AnT+ Heart monitor strap and my old iPhone.  The readings seemed pretty erratic but it was useful enough I guess.  Here are a few photos from my runs.

On Tuesday, my phone wouldn't pull up the training plans so I made my own.  8K plus 6 30 second striders with 2 minutes rest for complete recovery between strides.  This fit in with my course better anyway. I did the first two striders a bit easy then found my strength and ran the remaining four hard enough to make my legs tired and get me breathing hard.  I always worry I'm going to break something but it seems nothing snapped this day.

My eating is out of control.  If I could control myself better I'd loose the weight quickly I think and get down to my "ideal" race weight of 69 kg. I'm around 75 or 74 kg now.

Karate practice tomorrow.  Some of the members are going to a tournament this weekend.  Wish we had the budget to do more.  Hopefully I can take the kids to one in June.  A needs the motivation.