Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Practice - Tekki Shodan

  • Kihon
  • Kumite
  • Kata

Muto-sensei has been acting a bit tired and distracted the last few practices.  I hope he is OK.  I mean, he IS 82 years old.  Kihon was simple and finished early except he had us repeat some things and it was probably not on purpose.  Kumite was the same as always except he had us repeat some things and it probably was not on purpose, either. For Kata we did all the Heian Kata, Jion and Tekki Shodan.


I got a big left toe on Crown's head.  That was the highlight I guess.  I'm still terrible at kumite.  After kumite he gave me some advice after I told him I was too slow to dodge strikes.  I was referring to  Ab-kun who kept kicking me with a sokuto to the gut, even though I knew it was coming, I still was unable to avoid it.  Ab-kun actually gets hits on me a lot.  He would easily beat me in a match, though not in a real fight because I'm still bigger, stronger and meaner than he is. ;-).  NY gave me some advice during kumite.  He said to try feinting and then when they dodge, attack.  Crown's advice was to practice a movement he showed me.  He said just blocking and doing hanmi was too slow.  He said to dodge and counter in one movement. And he showed me how to do it.  Step to the side and across your body line with your back foot as you dodge and block and then step forward and counter punch (gyakuzuki).  I practiced the movement a bit and it is a lot like the first movement in Heian Godan.

Tekki Shodan

Muto-sensei wanted to teach us Tekki Shodan.  Now we have four? brown belts and he was telling us that we have to master Tekki Shodan before we can try for our black belts. I am glad I spent a few minutes working on this during lunch.  It helped because Muto-sensei was getting confused at times when teaching us.  I think I will work on it again during lunch today.

Serious pain these days.  My left leg is a mess.  My high hamstring injury is better than it was but hurts after running.  My left hip is very painful when doing karate and recently my left knee has a sharp pain that makes me wince now and again.  On my right side, arm on the inside of my elbow is very painful.  Since I use my arms every day for something, it is very uncomfortable and has been hurting for maybe three weeks now.  Time to go see a doctor.  I am always reluctant to go see a doctor for these things because I fear that it will mean that I will have to stop running and stop working out and stop doing karate or that I will have to get surgery, and go through a lot of pain to end the pain.