Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week of April 8 - 11

Just a few notes so I don't forget.

Two practices, one on 4/8 and one on 4/11.

Did Tekki Shodan again.  Also did Empi, which I have yet to practice enough to remember it.  I need to work on remembering all the steps.  It is hard to polish a Kata if you haven't even remembered all the steps first.

We have had a bit more time on Kumite the last couple of times, which has been nice.  But much more time, but a bit more.  There is one boy who is very flexible and can kick very high.  I is just killing me.  He rarely gets a hand strike in but he often gets a kick in.  I was finally able to successfully dodge a sokuto kick to the mid section ONCE!  He got one kick in between my gloves that stopped just a few centimeters from my nose!  If he keeps doing Karate he has the chance to do well.

Me, well, I'm old and slow and a bit embarrassed by how bad I am.  But I am learning and I am slowly improving.  Even though he is kicking my ass in kumite, I still help him with Kata.

Advice: Relax.  I am too tense.  I need to relax and work on my speed.  Striking fast and then bouncing back to emphasise the hikite.  This is how to get points.  Plus !KIAI!.  The kids are slowly starting to get more verbal.
Advice: Put both fists out at the same time and, at the last moment, strike with one.  This makes it harder for the opponent to block because he doesn't know which fist you will use.

What else?  There was lots of other advice but I can't remember it.  That is why I like to write these logs right after practice if possible.  However, my wife gets jealous of the computer when I get it out to type these up.  I could start writing them in notebooks, but my handwriting speed is much slower than my typing speed and it is barely legible.

Question: Is the wedge block in Jion and Heian Yondan the same?  The stance is different.