Thursday, July 16, 2015

Notes: 7/25/2015




We did a shortened kihon practice.  Muto-sensei took the white belts and A, to even out the numbers, and the rest of us did kihon without the head black belt leading.  He was hard to hear and he wastes a lot of time. The extra time gave us a bit of free time to do some of our own practice while we waited.  I am always a bit unhappy with how much time the black belts waste when left to their own.  They are still kids and really just want to have fun.  They have all the time in the world but I don't.  I am old and I want to learn and improve as much as I can as fast as I can and with only two practices a week, I don't want to waste any time.  Enough complaining.


The group is going to do en Embu at the summer festival this weekend on Sunday but A, H and I won't be there.  We are going to a foot race that day, as we always do every year.  So the kids were practicing for the Kata emub (enbu? 演武).  I practice Jion, dantai kata with the other two brown belts.  A dan tai kata, is when a group of athletes perform one kata in unison, kinda like synchronized swimming.  There is one leader and the others follow.  I want to write down how we did it so I don't forget. There were three of us.

1. The three people line up and the leader calls out. "ki o tuke, rei" and you bow and walk out the the edge of the court and again the leader calls out, "ki to tsuke, rei" and you bow again.  You walk out to where you will perform, stop and do it again.
2.  The leader calls out "Dantai kata!" and steps forward or backward, depending on how you want to do it I guess, while the other two (in a three man group) step forward so you are in a V.
3. The leader calls out "kata mei" and you all yell out in unison, the name of the kata.
4. The leader calls out "Yoi!  Hajime!" and you all start the kata at the same time and do the whole thing in unison as much as possible.
* It is important that all the members are as close to the same height as possible because otherwise your step length will different and it won't look very good.
5. After finishing the kata the leader calls out "Ki wo tsuke!, Rei!" and you bow again and then "Mawari migi!" and you do the little funky military turn to the right and line up and then walk back.

If I remember correctly, the leader also calls out "susume!" to order to you move forward.  It is all very militaristic.

Once again they have introduced more kata.  You can't introduce a kata once, practice it one more time and remember it.  At least not they way we do it.  I can't remember the one's I've "learned" and then we move on to something new. I guess this means more training in the park.

I really wish I could get more kumite practice and advice but kumite is so exhausting. You can't realistically spar for more than a few minutes.  At least not at my current level of fitness.