Thursday, August 20, 2015

Notes for 2015-08-19


As we had just recently had a belt test Muto-sensei was giving out new certificates and belts to those who gt them. We have lots of brown belts now.  Three kids have cought up with me and are now 3-kyu.  One got promoted to 1-kyu.  The three new beginners all got promotted, with the oldest jumping from nothing to a blue belt, which must be 8-kyu.  Ross was promoted up just one level to 7-kyu and Mary got her first colored belt.  Ross and Mary were not able to attend the regular testing and so they had their test just before practice with only Muto-sensei presiding.  He had already decided beforehand what level he was going to give them so it didn't matter much.

Lesson learned. 

I practiced with Ross and Mary almost everyday we were home to make sure they could pass (I knew they would) and hopefully that they could jump a level.   I realize now that we must take our tests on the official day of the test if we want a chance at jumping up a level.  Mary improved a lot.  Ross not so much.

As he is often told by Muto-sensei, Ross needs to step and not shuffle.  He always drags his feet across the floor instead of taking steps.  Mary of course, learning form Ross, does the same thing.  I will have to remember this.  Since we have been practicing so much coming up to the test, I am hoping we can keep the momentum going and work on improving their basics and kata more.  I'm not sure how I can help them work on improving their sparring skills.


I worked on Bassai-dai with the new brown belt and NY.  NY was a little unsure on one spot of the kata but I was pretty sure.
Move 12, step up half a step with your left/back foot as you move into back stance for knife hand block.
Move 16, bring your elbows up and back (kiai)
Move 27, there is no chambering action before the first yama-zuki.
Move 35?, for the final move (knife-hand block), bring your rear (right) foot up quickly smack into your left foot and then snap your left foot out as the front foot into back stance and then kiai.