Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Class notes: Get closer


  • Kihon
  • Kumite
  • Kata


We worked on Jiin, Empi and Gojushiho-sho.  Or rather, we worked on Jiin and Empi and I worked on Gojushiho-sho after practice. I discovered that, the old videos of Kanazawa-sensei are marked wrong. In those videos Gojushiho-sho and Gojushiho-dai are backwards.  Crown confirmed that for me. Gojushiho-sho is a long kata. I get to about step 30 and then I forget what's next.


N.Y. is always trying to give me advice.  The problem with that is I usually can hardly hear him or understand him.  And it is always during kumite practice when we only have about 30 seconds with each partner.  It just isn't working.  I appreciate his efforts, but what I really need is more kumite practice and less talking.   I need longer practices.  I need training in some basic punch and kick combinations.  Once I get some basic combinations mastered and can start to figure out my own.

Advice: We do a three step kumite.  This is not sanbon kumite.  It is a three-step kumite.  You get your fists up as if you were ready to spar. You announce your strike (jodan!/ jodan ikimasu! / jodan mairimasu! trans: upper level=head strike). Then you take two steps toward your partner while your partner takes two steps back and on the third step you throw your strike and your partner practices receiving it. I was told to strike ON the third step.  Not to step and then strike.  I think Muto-sensei told me this before.  I really am so clumsy and uncoordinated when it comes to kumite.

The new kids, three siblings, are doing well.  The girl is afraid of hitting or of being hit I feel.  But it is hard for me to tell because I am not watching, I am working with her.  She is maybe 9 or 10 years old and it might just be that me being so much bigger than her makes it seems as if she is afraid of hitting me. She did however, hit me.  Several times when we were doing free kumite practice.  Her timing was great.  She would wait till I started to jab and then slip a jab of her own in and hit me in the stomach.  She was getting points.

Still, most of the kids are better than I.  By better I mean more skilled, with more knowledge and experience.  I wish I could understand them better.  Recently it seems as if one of them is unhappy with me.  Maybe that one has decided not to like me.  Maybe that one is angry with me?  She is much better at kumite than I am.  I find it very hard to get a strike on her.  She blocks almost everything I throw at her.  However she doesn't put much effort into practice.

Get closer

Lately I've been thinking that we need to stand closer to each other during kumite practice.  How can you practice blocking strikes that don't reach your body? And if you can, is that the kind of practice you want to do?