Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Class notes


The older kids (7th, 8th, 9th grade) were all gone as they had tests to study for.  Kids are asked not to do sports the days before big test.

  • Kihon
  • Kumite
  • Kata

Ross and Mary and I went to practice almost an hour early.  We did some agility exercises and then Mary and Ross and I took turns deciding on what we would do next.  Our workout got cut short when a thunderstorm knocked out the lights for a while.  By the time the lights came back on the other members had started to arrive.


This was the same as always with a little more emphasis on form, probably because the older kids were gone.  We did gedan barai.  I really wanted Mary to pay attention during this time but she was too absorbed in her fingertips to pay much attention.  I had to skip a bit of my own practice to keep her engaged.


Same as always, except that the black belts were gone so I got to be the unmoving partner while the others rotated around.  I am ashamed to say that I still have difficulty doing soto uke.  I wish I had a partner with whom I could just practice what I wanted to practice, including soto uke during yakusoku kumite.


We did Heian Shodan through Yondan and then moved on to Wankan, Kankudai and Jion.  I still have troubles following Muto-sensei's counting.  When I learned the kata at home, I learned every move by it's official count.  So Heian Shodan has 21 moves, but Muto-sensei counts it with 20 because he counts move 3 and 4 together as one.  I'm sure that makes it easier for people who are only learning at practice.  The same goes for Heian Nidan and Kankudai and many others.   He bunches some moves together as one count so I'm never sure if I'm following his count correctly.

The way he teaches us Wankan is different from the Kanazawa videos and from the 27 Shotokan Katas book illustrations. He has the right arm go out instead of the left.