Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Run 3.56km Slow

Run 3.56 km, Slow

Did side stepping and carioca only.  Getting lazy.  Ran to the top of the ski slope and then tried to practice Kata at the top.  It was too slippery.  So I ran back down to the parking area and continued kata practice there.  I was not practicing hard.  Only going through the steps and thinking about my form.  Before I knew it, it was almost 6 am so I had to quit and hurry back home.  I did all the Heian kata, Tekki Shodan and Kankudai.

Pain check

  • lower left abdomen area
  • right hamstrings muscle mid area
  • right and left hamstrings where they attach to the sit bone. 座骨
  • lower back
  • right shoulder
  • right elbow
  • right and left hip joints

Should I go see a doctor?  Will the doctor just chastise me for waiting so long?  Will the doctor even be able to DO anything for me?  I need new hips.  

I've been thinking of stopping running completely after the Food Valley half marathon and just do strength training and stretching until spring.